Audiate Meis a product developed by Edge226 which converts website texts into human voice  audio.

I was in charge of creating Visual Branding, Widget experience and design, Home Page design, Widget Web Editor and Analytics UX/UI.

Audio widget
(or just widget :-)


Sticky FAB

Optional small, large or without FAB

Website website is One Pager  that explains briefly about the product.
All website CTA is leading the user to make his custom-made widget.

Players Editor & Analytics

Player Editor
I started this project by making market research. We came to a conclusion to design an audio player that will look native to its website.
We design simple widget editor to help the user design the player for thire website.
All widgets data is available for the user in the table that can be filtered to get any information that the system collects
Filters and Settings
Including metrics of dates, filters and column settings
User Setttings
Besides basic settings we had an option for users with multiple websites/addresses to manage many widgets.

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