Peak is a Demand Side Platform for Professional Advertisement Traders.
It includes complex interactions and dynamic features which are continuously being upgraded and maintained regularly. I’ve been integrated into the R&D team to design and execute new features.

Design System Layout

Peaks Design System is based on Material Design

Navigation Side Bar

After Peak was running for nearly 2 years it became heavy and dense.
In order to make it more organized and up to date, I asked the Product Manager to collect data for the top bar usage and to find out how to improve the system work flow.
The result was to upgrade the navigation side bar so it will contain both navigation and system features such as user settings, search field notifications and time zone.
By making this integration we could remove the top bar and free up space on the worksheet.


About Analytics

Analytics was created to give a better dynamic overview report. Creating such a dynamic section required creating new features and components to achieve a simple interface.

Report Filters

Report filters are filtering the entire report unless any local Widget filter is on.

Widget Filters

User can apply a local filter for each widget and compare different results within the same overview

Widget Behavior

When a local filter is applied, it’s settings icon and frame is highlighted to indicate that the report  main filter doesn’t apply on the widget.

Empty States

I created empty states for a section that may be empty especially with the new users.  I created visual language that can be applied to any empty state in the system.

Page empty state

Indicates that there are no assigned campaigns yet (most likely new user or seat)

Dialog with Action Button

When no custom made calculation has been created

Cards Empty States + Action Button

Before integration with MMP  (Mobile Measurement Partner)

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