Plasson is a leading manufacturer for high quality technical products

Mars is Plasson's new manufacturing control and report system for the factory's production floor. Since the old system was created in the late 80’s, it was necessary to rebuild nearly any feature and component. I teamed up with the R&D team to help them provide better user flow and updated design.


The goal was to create an overview screen for the production floor chef with a drill-down for each machine
Our main challenge was to create fast and intuitive user flow so that the chef can respond quickly to any need.

I created 3 sections, only two are visible at any given moment:  mid  and right for overview, mid  and left for drill-down.

The action buttons are all located in the mid section and always available!


Originally designed for 65” screens on the production floor that show the machines status. The goal was to presents all 60 machines  with graphic status for each one.

Wireframe test

The main challenge was to help the user understand each machine's status and at the same time show the entire machine room map. We tried two options with flat design and 3D in wireframe level.
Because there are many sub status I decided to create color and icons for each sub status.
Status can appear with color , icon and a combination of both.


Tablet was design for technician on the production floor and alows them to make mechine setup without using the mechine local contor.

I created short wizard proccess that ensure all mandatory sections will be filled up.

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